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April 02, 2013
I Lose - They Win (2013) ( Across Canada )
For the organization L'appart à moi
 166.2 %

Objective: $25,000

Amount Raised: $41,559

The launch of the regular season of the program “I Lose – They Win 2013” will be on April 2,2013 and will end on July 12, 2013. Teams will be able to have a friendly competition in the weight loss and fundraising categories to the benefit of the charity organization "L'appart à moi".  The mission of this organization is to fight poverty and the vulnerability of individuals with an intellectual disability by building a rental unit complex where each tenant will have their own studio. The living accommodations will be adapted to their requirements in order to suit their needs.

You are invited to join a team or propose your name as captain in order to support this great initiative.


Update:  the activity has been extended to November 1st, 2013


Learn more about the organization L'appart à moi (Quebec, Across Canada)