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November 20, 2015
We shave for the cause (Quebec)
For the organization Fondation du Lymphoedème Mauricie Centre du Québec
 105.2 %

Objective: $5,000

Amount Raised: $5,259.6

"It’s been over a year when Philippe Latraverse, officer in risk management, told me that he would be off for an undetermined length of time. He had just received a lymph node cancer diagnostic! A strong guy like him, this could not be true… only 28 years old.


Philippe kept a high spirit and won his battle after more then a year of chemotherapy and other treatments. With this victory, he will be ready to return shortly to his position with the team! Congratulation Philippe!


Fortunately, this is a story that ends well, but it is not always the case for other people with this disease. Besides that, this remission would not be possible without research. Reflecting on all of this gave me the idea: to put a price on my head! To do my part and contribute to research so that Philippe’s victory will be repeated; I will shave my head!


My goal is to raise all the money I can to for the benefit of the Fondation du Lymphoedème Maurice et Centre du Québec! Also, I will double my achievement by giving my hair to make wigs and allow other patient to keep a little of their dignity.    


I appeal to all of you that are healthy to achieve my goal. Your contribution and generosity are so important and there is no little contribution… as we say: sometimes a small gesture goes a long way.


I invite you to encourage me and assist head shave on November 20th at Taschereau Yard.


In the name of Philippe and all the others who have or will have to face this battle, THANK YOU."



Philippe Latraverse, Lysanne and their daughter Mérédith

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