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January 19, 2018
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February 17, 2018
Polar Plunge (Quebec)
For the organization Quebec Special Olympics
 16.2 %

Objective: $2,000

Amount Raised: $325

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Experience the Polar Bear Challenge, a Québec police forces fundraiser benefiting the Quebec Special Olympics. For a $50 contribution,  fearless participants will brave the cold by jumping into the icy waters of the Clud de Canoë de Lachine (2105 Saint-Joseph Blvd.).


Again this year, a prize will be given to the person with the best costume! Be creative and impress the judges, but keep in mindd that you will be jumping in the water with this costume.

Saturday, February 17th from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Registration starts at 11:30 a.m.



Learn more about the organization Quebec Special Olympics (Quebec)
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Individual participants

Adam Asch $0 $25
Patrick Desrosiers $0 $0
Judith Hayes $0 $0
Robin Lagraviere $0 $25
Denis Latreille $0 $275
Nicolas Mabboux $0 $0
Melissa Todaro $0 $0
Bettina Tsartolias $0 $0
Total to date: $325
Donor Testimonial
Donation: $250
You are way more brave/(crazy???) than I :-) You have been a regular jumper for so many years... and you keep going back for more! Way to go Denis!
Donation: $25
This is too easy for you. You should be doing the Hot Tub Plunge. All the same, good luck buddy!
Donation: $25
Good luck!
Donation: $25
Go Robin!