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January 01, 2017
Everest 2017 - Adventure of a Lifetime (Quebec)
For the organization Canadian Cancer Society (Quebec)
 72.5 %

Objective: $6,000

Amount Raised: $4,350

We ask ourselves thousands of questions every day, week or month of our lives.  Most of the time these questions can be answered without a second thought.  But did you ever ask yourself a question starting with “what if”? That is a tough one.  Well come next October I cannot imagine the answer to “what if I had not volunteered for Everest 2017”.


This is a chance for me to challenge myself not only physically but also introspectively.  Both Stef and I have an incredible journey ahead of us, not only the 21 days of Everest but the important task of preparing ourselves for the adventure!  We are so thrilled by this opportunity and we are determined to go the distance!   I read a quote that resonated with me; You do not have to be a hero to do certain things, you can just be an ordinary person sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals.  I have been fortunate that in my life I have been inspired and motivated by family members, friends, colleagues, survivors… and fighters.


Everest 2017 is an enormous challenge supporting skin cancer prevention programs, I am honoured to be part of this group supporting the Canadian Cancer Society.  I am promising to not stop when I am tired… I will stop when we are done! 



Do you want to tag along up the 5500 meters to Base Camp?  Here’s your chance! If you donate $50 or more, you will secure your spot on my “flag of hope” which will be flown proudly  and left at Base Camp.   Your spot can be used for words of encouragement, or in memory of a loved one, or use your spot to honour a fighter.


Thank you for giving generously!  xoxo





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Learn more about the organization Canadian Cancer Society (Quebec) (Quebec)