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January 01, 2014
Wellness Challenge 2014 - I Lose They Win ( Across Canada )
For the organization L'appart à moi
 2.5 %

Objective: $40,000

Amount Raised: $1,015

The activity is back for the second year and join the CN Wellness Challenge. Have fun, get back in shape by losing a few pounds or counting your steps and benefit from the support and encouragement of your fllow team-members as you strive to reach your goals. All funds will benefit of the charity organization "L'appart à moi".  The mission of this organization is to fight poverty and the vulnerability of individuals with an intellectual disability by building a rental unit complex where each tenant will have their own studio. The living accommodations will be adapted to their requirements in order to suit their needs.

You are invited to join a team or propose your name as captain in order to support this great initiative.  Please click on "participate" and return the appropriate form below to Daniel LeBlanc at:


                             Individual Sheet                                     Team Sheet

Learn more about the organization L'appart à moi (Quebec, Across Canada)