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January 17, 2014
Jeans Day (Quebec)
For the organization Cancer Research Society
 96.0 %

Objective: $25,000

Amount Raised: $23,995

Anyone interested in wearing denim on the Friday following Pay Day must donate by purchasing a denim card at the following cost:


Quarterly card  (period covered: Jan. to March/Apr. to June/July to Sept./Oct. to Dec.)    $25

(Please note that the $5 stamp is no longer available)


The kiosk will be opened at Headquarters’ main lobby once a quarter January 16, April 10, July 3 and October 9 for all those who prefer to purchase their denim card in person.  If you want to buy a card outside the designated dates, please contact CN Community Fund at 514-399-5912, Vicki Gillis at 514-399-8058 or Vicki Norman at 514-399-8807

Learn more about the organization Cancer Research Society (Quebec, Across Canada)